Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mothers Scream by azad

Hear the mothers scream everywhere
Another atrocity with holocaust fears begins everywhere
In Rainbow colors Peace written everywhere
And doves are praying for all the mothers everywhere

Cry for their pain to be known to others
The nightmares of flames and destruction 
And the grieve and agony they suffer
from the death of their born
And live their lives full of confusion

Mother’s tears fall like razor sharp
And the sky begs the sun to come out and wipe its tears
Drooping full of sadness and loneliness
And the unfaithful tears when they fall
And the embedded echoes of sorrows and woes

Their kids have forsaken them and have grown
And left them with empty arms… all alone
Rocks... gunfire...bloodshed
Tombs filled with their children...

They think of the days that kids were by their side
With warmth and love they cuddle up side by side
Reading bed time stories and talking of that day
Just as they enjoy the peacefulness of a full moon
While they sit on their porch rocking their fancy chair
Rocks... gunfire...bloodshed and the moment
many tears turn into blood

They looked up to the sky
and wished to be with their children
Then remembering their last child
Gazed desperately into the Horizon

Oh the world wake, hear the mother scream everywhere
Oh the world wake, hear the mother scream everywhere

Azad Tirur

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