Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After a long time I was on my village
Years of silence burst out at once
The same place where I grow in sun and shower
where the first rain drops touched my feet
where the grass field I played
and after along time I was on my village

I stepped out from shell of memories
In few seconds I was all wet
Rain drops kissed my face
Starts melting heart & mind
And the unfaithful tears they fall
Like rivers streaming hot through the muggy mist
And I cried alone in that rain

Confusion feeds like a savage inside,
Leaving nothing considered worthy remains
Destined to walk through life less ordinary
Alone, exiled, different and disdain
My heart moves from fire to cold
look like a helpless chick in the rain
And I cried alone in that rain

As it started raining more heavily
The sound of thunder grooved
I could feel loneliness, wandering here and there
Looking for all that my pain can recognize
I couldn't, my tears were all lost in the rain
I could feel burning on my cheeks,
When the cold rain drops feel on it,
Who knows what I look for
Still not see the kids who needs me, my babies
Now they lies in their tombs
Where on their tombs , the devils playing
And singing no worries of tomorrow
And there I cried alone in that rain

Are they far away from me but I can't forget
Oh, I can't go back and live in the past
Just as I enjoy the peacefulness of a full moon
With warmth and love, but where I lost my life
In the dances of sword and guns
Or in the horrors we saw, and
Or in the nightmare of flames and destruction
Too may tears turn into blood
When my aching soul is about to flee
The sadness and loneliness it is a witness too
And there I cried alone in that rain


Posted By AZAD TIRUR to bloomingdale at 10/19/2010 05:49:00 AM

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