Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Bidding Day-by azad

Shaking day, brainy day
Grinding day, punching day
Rowing day, dismal day
Thirsty day, and hungry day,

Passage day, costing day
Lining day, Pricing day
Shouting day, counting day
Eager day, hammering day

Probing, tracing,
Calling, shouting,
Brew then as panic
Loom then as pant

We then as lambs
You then as lion
We then as asses
You then as fox

And all at last fried
And Dumping, throwing,
And are we saying submitting
With a dump look,
Standing in burial box,
a sigh of relief break of silence

Nor we slay any head
Nor we did any sin
Though do we also
Get a day of grimace

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