Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An IDIOT Mouse in An IDIOT World -by azad

I shall be telling this with a cry
Of seeing angriness glued to the glimmering in each eyes
Somewhere years hither and hence
Estimating my financial growth in the Kingdom
I chose to tell the lie & truth on my work place

I have filled in my last letter to boss
I've phone 'till my line caught fire
And I turned my wheel of memory
To the past risks of Ethic policy,

I remember every body Sighed,
Yearning for quill pens and papers
when the customer is in front
and computers had never been thought of
whereas now they rule alone.

Only a host of broken promises
That haunted then in-trays then
Took note, as they lay, of the last chance
To arrange the affairs of customers

'Is there anybody there?' said the customer
banging on the office front door
But no-one there descended to the customer
No head to raise from the keyboard,
Took heed of the phone, or the door knock
By computers all were fazed.

And a phone started up in the office
above the client's head
And he knock upon the door again, a second time
'Is there anybody there?' he said.

The poor client looking at the moving time, morning to the noon
Reading the big letters written in banner,
Integrity and ethical tone of employees
Staring & Mocking at the empty chairs
And thinking of the office timing
The poor client sensed impotence of work place
though his heart sank in unhappy,
And wandered, down the empty hall and disappeared

Like an idiot mouse in an idiot world,
I also chuckled with an idiot look
Stared at the idiot computer
Thinking of the banners of Integrity & Ethical tone
Yearned again for quill pen and paper


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