Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cries in the night- by azad tirur

Cries in the night
At a standstill of night
A lonely cry can be heard
As it echoes through line and space
I found no bounds
It has no prejudices
For a heart that is lonely
Has no home, no resting place
The lonely heart feels
Only the cold of winter
Yet seeks the warm solaced
Which seems as distant as?
the eclipse of the sun
It as though of a soul
Is crying out
For a life that is ending
And no yet begin
Common flayed inscribes
Worn on a made of face
Beauty of Inner soul
Does not a fallen tree makes a sound
In the forest when no one
Is around to hear
Stave not all heard
The sound of silence
Such is the ease
Of cries in the night
Walk with me
Hold my hand
Together let us walk into light

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