Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Dreamy Night and Misty dawn-Azad Tirur

Thousands of eyes keep
Observing obey at dawn
Break light of obedience
Obeying all the day

A bed where seeds born
And grow so tall
To stand and look-upon
The elegant world

What is this light source
Startling the seeds within
To awaken me ?

I can see my dreams very clear
To the tiny stars I cry

The stars in the air
They glow like in your eyes
And I shoot them with bombs.

Touching a heart through
Soft waves of chimera lights
Enchanting night thoughts

Solar in clouds
In Northern skies a glowing
Streams of colored

Wisp of moss green mist
Spiral dark silhouette trees
Exude mystic light

The black and white memories
Running through the mist
So was I Cannot see the day break

The new dawn awaits
Awaits beside me once more
With the night dreams
Leaving me with an yelp cry.

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