Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My Soul, yesterday, deserted me,
It flow away to the other end
I pursue to come back
But, I faint, I dim, I fail to find

And at last I astonish seeing my soul
Sobbing near remains of Girl ,
My heart beat up, realizing holes of gun barrel
shaping her empty stomach filled with fire
her eyes widely opened stone-still
seems how she ardor the elegance world
not with knowing its barbarity
with widely opened Jaws
with starving eyes, and stomach

I look at the sky- it was dark
I look at the sun – it was black
I look at the rainbow – it was colorless
I look at the grass field – It was dried-up
I look at the sea,- It was parched

Sobbing near her, my soul cast-off to come to me
I stood near stagnant body of lass
I knocked the Earth with fury
I raised my fist with anguish –
eyes distressed filled with tears-
At last, my heart leaned on,

Murmuring– My soul, my body, my mind
‘Weaken heart, Murmuring mind
Painful nights, Tearful days’
You confer me all
And lay under the sun and shower
Run behind ripping clouds, deep of calm sea’
Grin with glittering stars
Stepping with gentle breeze

Tears drips, feelings flows,
And soul flies, and not finds a way
to clinch my mind,
your smile never dies
innocent eyes never close,

breath never end
Rising every time
when the wind breathe
When the flowers gathered die,
When the misty drops wets the sandy mud
My child, Your cause is the hope of the world,
In your fight is the life of the race
should build, in years passed by,


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