Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Behind the door hiding someone-by azad

Behind the door hiding someone
with thrashing mind beating heart
Behind dimness someone hiding
Probing tracing more or less
Found none in the evil dark

Rocking fear resounds in shadows
Roaming in darkness aware of
Someone leaning behind

Sense of fear dwell on mind

Kite in the air like flew
Roared with a keen look
Rush to the lock up door
But, faint, fail, at last

Realizing it is death the last follower
Realizing it is death the last follower
My yelp cry annoyed with no rejoinder
Realizing my flesh underway to decay
And become dome of mud-

Death murmured “enjoy beauty of last part, the closing
stages the moment of conclusion make you joy forever, enjoy”

     Still fraught to head off from the darkness

laid down with closed eyes
for some other way to hide from culmination


1 comment:

  1. Azadkka, ithu nhananu. pavithran
    thanks for the great opportunity to experience with your short poems which i missed earlier in saudi.
    how is health