Wednesday, September 8, 2010


                  Ravishing animal with veering hair
Bursting pot gut turned around gullet

Clown bovine animal wave ears

Beating pests on his trunk
annoying the valley growled
with the vexatious noise

Booby animal Strolled in grass field
biting bushes all around
with a foolish thinking
the sphery strongest
natury wisest
Foolish animal lowering head
To the pond thinking of drinking
Whole water in the pond
With a greedy look he drunken
More – More water in the trunk
Hard to raise his head – and
Hard to stand on his knee
Belly looks as an airship balloon
Laid on the waterfront
With a wink look senselessly

All other pests and animals
Mocking and singing
I would be a donkey or Monkey

                  More than being an animal

With senseless proud”

AZAD - Tirur

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