Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Heinous Old Serpent
spew out the world
we look at the map of world
for a matter of that is not concern of mine
and I shall be asked,
why should I follow your fighting line
why should you drag us into war ?

Mortifying it was and it is,
the nakedness of war, savagery of swords,
brutality of guns we experienced in the past,
the nightmare in our memory pushes us into panic

The sanguinary of the bloody wars
Tears of Bosnian widows,
Corpses in Palestinian Soil,
The Bloodbath in Algeria
Blood spread soil of Kosovo,
Blood-spattered mud in Kabul
Carcasses of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
Frying human flesh and Dying kids in Iraq
All at last Earth says the chronicle end in dark

We look at the dying earth and says,
the wonderful calmness we like,
cement of confidence we like
Not marching against liberty

But, are on foot behind liberty
We wish to avoid unlit sky
We wish to avoid the earth to moan
We wish to avoid the sky shedding black tears
We like the glittering sun and smiling moon
We like the stars shining brightly in the sky
We like the wind breathing slowly
We like gleeful earth and sky
And we love hearts that makes earth happy

But, The heinous Old Serpent
shoot out the world with weapons
I shall be asked,
looking at the map of world,
Why should I follow your fighting line?
Why should you drag me into war?


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