Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dream and Truth-by azad

As you can imagine,
I see her in dreams
Last night, this morning,
Forever it seems
Her hair blowing softly,
In the slightest of gentle breeze
Her smile upturned,

I know she is a tease
Her eyes seem to sparkle,
Have a depth that is so deep
I know should I dwell,
Then my soul she would keep,

Her face is to me, as perfect can be,
Though she may not think so,
This all I can see…,
And her voice such a sweetness,
Only angels can have,
Does she realizes this power,

She will have all my life,
She is a vision in beauty,
A sight for my eyes,
She is all that I have dream of,
That I have wished

She is the one that I would love,
This vision I need
Someday sometime,
On this shall I dream?
Forever, ever… and ever………..

What I do with this idiot dream
Nothing, that I would do
open heart, mind and eyes
Look around the magic world

Screaming Iraq, Scrawling guns,
Weeping moms, the withered scarf’s
Hungry Kabul, Roaring guns,
Floating corpses, sobbing eyes,

The truth behind darkness,
Tears shed on crystal mind,
Broken into pieces,
It wets the golden sand

I lay without mind,
Cannot close my mind again
to see my angelic dream…
Never my dreams comes on to my eyes
Still tears fell on crystal mind...
Differ by dream and truth

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