Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everywhere her Screaming ???????????? azad

Society is something of a catch-all phrase for organized humanity. It's just another word for people. And just as there can be evil in people, there can also be evil in society. And evil, in any of its myriad guises, can only bring us pain and sadness. I wrote in memory of 9 year girl child who was brutally raped and killed recently in a remote village in Kerala India. Her, innocent, feared face, screaming, haunting me day and night…………what I do……….I cried alone…..and she is still crying with tiny stars and smirking moon……

There is pain in my heart for another.
I cannot comfort her,
I cannot be with her,
I want to share her pain,
ease her suffering,
show her I care,
She flew away but,
Why must it be so hard?
Why should it happen to start with?
The unanswerable questions
ring out to the stars,
and only silence replies
with it's smooth sound.

I scream with anguish,
and the pain of helplessness.
"There must be something
I can do, mustn’t there?"
her whimpered query
hangs in the air,
"please, please, please.. no ?".
and only silence replies
with it's smooth sound.
But only silence and time remain,
one a comforter,
the other, a healer.
So why am I not comforted,
or healed of my pain,
and only misery remains?
and only silence replies
with it's smooth sound.

I am in mute, feelings flows,
Tears flooded, heart leap up
Throat dried up, no sounding elegy
At last I fade and die,
And fly away other end,
to wipe out tears showing her tiny stars, and smirking moon,
and I scream again become
soundless elegy on faded bud and only silence replies
with it's smooth sound. 


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