Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Oh, this day is hiding behind 
the dark shadow of midnight
Still Narmada flowing blandly
Glittering its tears in the evil of darkness

My eyes left in the lurch
On bank of Narmada
Sandy milky mud mature redden
Narmada flows as girdle to mom
Flows with thrashing heart
With glittering tears,

My eyes stone-still in the drained
Bosom of Narmada –
Whose sob I heard deserted me
And whose scream beached me
And whose corpse I saw withered
And whose scarf floating in water
And whose blood redden milky soil
Oh! Narmada- I am in mute
Still you gently flowing wiping
Tears of milky soil bank

Tarantulas tainted purity
Human Corpses floating along
Blood vessel flowing in tides
tears glittering in calm water front
Still, Narmada flows gently
Azad Tirur

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